Elevate the visibility of your business

with functional screens & awnings

Your business deserves to stand out with high-quality awning and screen protection. With the right selection and proper maintenance, you can boost curb appeal and increase foot traffic. Whether in rain or shine, awnings provide relief in all kinds of weather. Hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, multi-tenant buildings and retail stores can improve their shading options for their overall outside experience.

Sentinel is a Florida-based business

That understands the importance of

Commercial Awnings

Sentinel provides your building with the highest quality awnings at the most affordable prices. Gain a competitive advantage with stylish and durable awnings that set the tone for your business and make it instantly recognizable. From the design to manufacturing and installation, you never have to think twice about proper presentation.

Commercial Solutions

Sentinel offers the world’s strongest screen retention system to shield your exteriors and outdoor furnishings from long-term sun damage and weather exposure. Your customers can enjoy the benefits of the strongest screen selections. We offer a wide selection of shade structures to turn the exterior of your building and seating areas into a stylish retreat.

Hospitality Screens

Commercial screens should reflect your businesses style and provide the right protection. Explore a full range of shielding solutions for your customizable power screens. We can help you create the ideal shade solution for your business. Call Sentinel Retractable Screens today at 1 888 425-8439.

Durable Materials

Sentinel retractable awnings use aluminum torsion bars for their main support which is superior to the average material used by most competitors. The difference is quickly noticeable when you view the image above. The thick aluminum bar to the left is what Sentinel uses for their awnings. The thin white bar to the right is what you may expect to get from competitors.